Research interest

My main research focuses on better understanding air pollution, from emissions through atmospheric physico-chemical transformations and interactions between air pollution, climate change and the biosphere to exposure and effects on human health. I have been recently worked on domestic energy use and the impacts of Net Zero pathways on future air quality in the UK.

I am also interested in applied machine learning for air quality modelling and integrated assessment of the emission-health-socioeconomics nexus and air pollution mitigation solutions & interventions.

Current work and research topics

My current work is to develop a new Hybrid Exposure Model (ERG-HEM) to estimate human exposure and dose to air pollution. This model integrates the outdoor air pollution dispersion model (CMAQ-Urban, grid of 20x20m), indoor-outdoor air exchange model (CONTAM/EnergyPlus models, UK Building Stock model) and transportation models (mass balance model, ABM and machine learning).

Before joining ERG air pollution modelling team, I carried out many air pollution sampling campaigns (in the UK, EU, Korea, China, India, etc.) and labwork using a wide range of measurement techniques.

Research topics: 1) Human exposure and health impacts of air pollution; 2) Air quality policy; 3) Indoor-outdoor air and building stock models; 4) Net Zero and Energy use; 5) Source apportionment of PM2.5; 6) Physico-chemical properties of air pollutants (please find more details below).