Physico-chemical properties of air pollutants

I have carried a lot of sampling campaigns to collect particles and then analysed their properties using a wide range of measurements techniques.

Air Pollution Measurement Technique: 1) High time resolution particle sizer (FPMS, SMPS, APS, OPS, T-HDMA) 2) Other high time resolution instruments (ACSM, Aethalometer, low-cost sensors)
3) Air samplers (High vol., Digitel, partisol, casecade impactor)

Lab experiment: GCxGC-TOF-MS, GC/MS, OC/EC analyser, IC analyser, ICP-MS and XRF

I also developed numerical modelling approach to estimate physical properties of particles (i.e hygroscopicity and effective density).

Please find a list of my papers here.